The business cycle and its implications

Correctly calling the phases in the business cycle will give you an edge on equity markets’ trends and inflation risks, and can help you get an independent perspective on whether your capex plans are best timed.

This package includes:

  • Monthly updates on currency markets and projections
  • A quarterly business cycle publication
  • Monthly updates on the 10 year sovereign bond yield prospects.
  • Quarterly calls with our economists.

The bigger picture

Our “A Changing Europe Monitor” aims to provide you with a solid 12-36-month guide to growth, currency and funding trends for Europe. 

This package includes:

  • A report every six weeks that discusses the key themes relevant for the European economy and its political outlook.
  • The results of our proprietary fieldwork, which we conduct regularly around Europe, which has consistently. signalled a change in voters’ support three months or more ahead of the widely available opinion polls.
  • Twice-yearly calls with our economists

Holistic support: economy, markets and real estate

This option gives you access to all of our analysis, including an assessment of the housing market.

This package includes:

  • For the shorter run – our business cycle monitors will keep you updated on recent economic developments, and include our projections for currencies and bond yields.
  • For the medium- to long-term trends – our regular “A Changing Europe Monitor” publication, which discusses the key themes relevant for the European economy and its political outlook – stressing the most likely timing of the consequences of an event.
  • For the short and very long run – our publication on the housing market provides you with our projections for national average house price increases (residential), and stresses the long-term trends that fundamentally dictate whether prices are overvalued or undervalued.
  • Quarterly calls with our economists.

On-demand seminars on mega trends

Mega trends, in our view, are phenomena of critical importance for economies, which will have an impact for at least a decade. In our view, these changes need to be understood and embraced as soon as possible, in order to gain the most from them, as they will disrupt markets and policy responses.

We can host an in-house seminar for you on the following topics:

  • Corporate balance sheet inequality: what is causing it, and its repercussions for the potential growth of countries and demand prospects
  • Mis-measuring inflation: what we are not estimating correctly and why that is critical for understanding the business cycle
  • Artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence: a comparison. Why understanding both is necessary for future welfare
  • A recipe for a peaceful response to the rise of “populism”: a new kind of State services
  • The monetary implications of euroscepticism: 1 to 7 years ahead

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