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About us

We are a research company conducting analysis in the fields of economics, politics and the digital transition for the purpose of forecasting the value of asset prices (currencies, interest rates, equity indices and real estate prices).

Our business model is fully reliant on the quality and distribution of our research, we do not take speculative positions that could be influenced by the timing of our publications nor we have trading capabilities.

Independence is valuable in our work because it allows us maximum freedom in the breadth of research and in how we communicate our views to clients.

Our role is to put the news into context, evaluate the implementation of government policies and map the consequences for the economy.

In order to do that, a significant share of our work load is statistical evaluation and modelling. Our primary expertise is data analysis, necessary to understand and forecast the most relevant economic indicators and to draw the implications for future value of asset prices.

An equally significant part of our role is fact-finding and assessment of the behaviour of the key participants in society: voters’ perception and preferences; governments’ intentions and ability to execute policies; businesses’ assessment of the operating environment and financial market participants’ expectations.

Our Purpose and Values

Our mission is to empower people by giving them competent, effective and courageous economic research that gives them an edge in understanding the direction of financial markets, simplifies their internal work process as well as assist them in their own communication with financial participants.

Our values are: Kindness, Diligence, Courage.

Our Governance

We are a company where our balance sheet is driven purely by the quality of our research.

In our work on political assessment, as is the case in our work for our economic assessment, we build relationships with political figures that represent the full political landscape of the country.

We are not aligned politically and we believe it is essential to hear all points of view, all the times as long as the genuine intention of a government is to remain within the acceptable parameters of international legal standards. If a country becomes dangerous for its citizens and our employees, we will continue to monitor it but we will convey our assessment in the best way we think achieves honesty and safety for our staff.

We firmly believe in the importance of economic diplomacy: understanding people’s past and current experiences, and expectations about economic and financial prospects, and we see dialogue as critically valuable, even when we do not agree with the solutions provided. That being said, we cherish and support the democratic process.

We strongly protect the privacy of our clients and of our information sources.
We are a UK company and, under the current legislation, macroeconomic research is not considered a regulated activity by the FCA. However, we follow the principles that shape the conduct of approved persons.


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