We live in an age of information overload. We are bombarded by commentators and news outlets, informing us about economic releases, financial market changes and governmental decisions. However, there is a scarcity of avenues to translate these developments into usable guidance on what it means for you: for your investment decisions, for your business, for your life.

We aim to address this gap. We leverage on our experience, our data and our modelling capabilities to translate economic and financial news into a concise message, which pins down the consequences for the economic outlook, currencies and other financial variables.

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Maternity policies: a different approach

In a world with the free movement of labour and capital, the quality of living is likely to increasingly become a key driver of the competitiveness of countries….


Boosting Italy's potential growth

Any genuinely effective economic growth strategy for Italy should begin by acknowledging that we live in a world where policies and regulation structurally favours an increasing polarisation…


Corporate balance sheet trends

The combination of persistently low interest rates, the current technological leap and deepening globalisation is creating ultra-large companies across sectors.
This process is different from the past in two aspects….


Inflation: what we measure & what we miss

The current inflation target framework is not adequate to the challenges we face and will unfold in the coming decade. An important channel of inflation, which is not monitored ….


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ADA Economics Mobile App

Our app delivers the essence of our research in an accessible format useful for people that want to have an informed view on economic and financial events that will impact their own lives over different time frames. We address questions such as: what is the outlook for house prices? What is teh trajectory for the labour market? What are the prospects for currency X? Does it look like a good year for stock market investment?
We aim to signal major turning points in the business cycle and highlight where we think there is a fundamental overvaluation or undervaluation.

Our research is not replacement for personal judgement and we do not give personal nor stock specific recommendation – that is not our role.

Our role is to share with your our analysis and experience to provide a perspective on the future that pays attention to the historical context and tries to be as transparent as possible on the timing and orders of magnitude of consequences.

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ADA Economics & Wood & Co. cooperate since 2015 to provide state of the art research in EMEA.

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